Amibe Quick Start Guide​

It’s WordPress Jim, but not as we know it – a brief introductory guide to designing your WordPress website in Amibe.

  1. Posts, pages and categories/tags are standard WordPress – it’s a good place to start, getting the basic content structures in place.
  2. Once your content is defined you are able to create menus – also standard WordPress (Appearance > Menus) with a few enhancements.
  3. Although you can select and use a theme, in Amibe a theme is not needed. Read more about Design and Layout in Amibe.
  4. As with WordPress, additional functionality can be enabled under Plugins

If you’re new to Elementor I highly recommend the following videos by Dave Foy of Design Build Web:

How to Create a High Converting Opt-In Landing Page Part 1

Covers the basics of working with Elementor: adding items to a page, laying them out and formatting:

How to Create a High Converting Opt-In Landing Page Part 2

Covers advanced typography, background, section divider, mobile and animation tweaks (among other things):

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