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  • Updated: 2019-04-06
  • First posted: 2016-12-26

What’s emerging in Amibe is very exciting.

In essence it’s a clarification and distillation of expertise and experience into a WordPress ecosystem, for designers and content developers, that delivers a technically robust and flexible solution for rapid website solution delivery.

The idea is specifically to bridge the technical gap for non-technical WordPress developers. What this means in practical terms:

  • A simpler experience – whether developing content or the visual layout and design, to have consistent and predictable ways of working regardless of the nature of the content or design.
  • Highly flexible and adaptable – being able to decide exactly where and how things should be and look on every single page, simply and without requiring any technical skill. Imagine building a website in real-time with you client as they tell you their requirement: click, click, drag, click… there you go!
  • Technically robust – all the boring but absolutely necessary technical essentials already in place from the start so that security, backups and upgrades are inherently taken care of.
  • Organic – benefiting from continuous improvement as new learning and the implementation of best practice become available.

Background to Amibe

As simple as WordPress is perceived to be, feedback received from DIY folk is that they have no idea where to start and feel confused. Many are resorting to other tools to build websites that appear easier to start with but end up being very limiting. Often it’s a cost thing (not wanting to or being able to pay an expert).

What if the cost to build a WordPress website, with all the essentials in place, was only a couple of hours time after which they (the DIY folk) can take over and refine their content and images?

There are those that bridge this initial gap – learning a little about WordPress, installing a few themes and a couple of plugins, and managing to get a decent looking, functional website in place. But, as they say “a little knowledge is a dangerous thing”!

When things are bolted together without a technical and function overview of the whole solution it can become limited such that the ability to maintain, enhance or upgrade the site is severely retarded. There can be a lack of consistency and increasing complexity for whoever maintains the content. Technical considerations, especially security, can be overlooked or poorly implemented. In a word, under the surface, its a mess!

Wouldn’t it be awesome to know these things are automatically taken care of, that working in WordPress remains simple, and that when the slightly more challenging functional and design requirements come that it’s no sweat at all?

That’s Amibe!

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