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  • Updated: 2019-04-06
  • First posted: 2019-01-02

Amibe has been technically operational since October 2016. A number of great websites are already supported, benefiting from Amibe’s tight security, speed optimization, 24×7 monitoring and ongoing maintenance updates. New features are frequently made available, helping to make great websites easily.

With much excitement, here’s what’s planned for 2019…

WordPress 5.x, Gutenberg and Elementor

WordPress 5.x was released in December 2018 with the much anticipated Gutenberg editor (which this post was written in). Amibe will be updated to this version by the end of January. This means ALL Amibe websites will be running WordPress 5.x and using the Gutenberg editor.

Existing Amibe users: If you wish to start working with Gutenberg right away it’s already available in the administrator under Plugins, which any administrative user of your website can enable.

At Amibe we’ve found Gutenberg to be an entirely pleasant experience and certainly an improvement over ‘the old editor’.

Existing Amibe users: For any refined layout and styling requirements that are not part of the Gutenberg experience there’s Elementor. Elementor has been enabled by default for all websites. More on this to come.

Amibe Website Package Options

Amibe, great websites made easy

Amibe is moving from Alpha to Beta and, as you can see, is getting dressed-up for the occasion.

Four package options will be offered:

  1. Starter – perfect for most website requirements, offering an easy and fast setup with great features
  2. eCommerce – offering specialized features for eCommerce websites in addition to everything available with the Starter package
  3. Agency – for freelancers or teams who create websites for clients and require customized features and design options
  4. Enterprise – for organisations or niche/vertical markets needing the ability to create many website, very easily, with customized white-label features and design options

A sign-up and registration facility will be made available, initially limited to a restricted number of Starter package websites while we carefully monitor and iron out any issues.

On-boarding for Agency and Enterprise packages begin now – contact us to take that conversation further.

Amibe Features

So many enhancements have been made over 2018 it’s impossible to address them all here.

With the new Amibe website design and layout the Docs section is more apparent and will continue to be enhanced. There will be a lot more published there over the coming months with tips and tutorials for how best to make use of what’s available in Amibe.

One of the more recent additions is integration with Buffer so all News and Docs posts will be also be published out to Amibe’s social media channels.

The Amibe Community

In addition to great websites made easy the vision of Amibe is to empower a community of Amibe experts.

Not everyone has the time or interest to create a website. Sometimes it just works to ask an expert.

Amibe would like to make that possible. We’re inviting folk who build websites for a living to offer their services as a part of the Amibe Community.

The great thing about being an Amibe Expert is you don’t have to be a developer or be technically minded. That’s Amibe’s role. Amibe experts are consultants, designers, writers and administrators who know how to get stuff done easily in Amibe.

If you would like to be an Amibe Expert please be in touch.


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