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  • Updated: 2020-06-09
  • First posted: 2020-05-16

The Elementor Template widget inserts an Elementor template wherever needed. This allows templates to be reused throughout a website. It also means that when a change is required it need only be made once, in the template, and this change will automatically reflect wherever the template has been inserted.

How to use it

  1. Create a new section template, either using Templates > Add New or by saving an already designed and laid-out section as a template.
  2. Add or edit either a page/post or template where this saved template should be inserted.
  3. Add the Elementor Template widget in the position where it should be displayed.
  4. Select the previously saved template to display from the list.


  • Only section templates can be inserted in this way; specify this when creating the template to be inserted.

Usage examples:

  1. If there are multiple page layout templates but the header section remains the same on all, create the header as a section template and use the Elementor Template widget to insert the header into each page layout template.
  2. If there is a call to action section that should appear on multiple pages, create the call to action as a section template and use the Elementor Template widget to insert the call to action into each page where it should be shown.

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