Images in Amibe – an overview​

  • Posted: 2017-08-07

There are a few important reasons to pay attention to how you work with images in your WordPress website: page load speed optimization (page speed), search engine optimization (SEO) and general maintainability of your Media Library.

Features for page speed when working with images in Amibe:

  1. All uploaded images are automatically optimized for file size, and if there are any greater than 1600px in width/height they will be reduced to 1600px as a maximum.
  2. Lazy loading of images is activated by default – configurable under settings.

Features for SEO when working with images in Amibe:

  1. Images can be automatically renamed based on the media file’s Title – references to the image in content are automatically updated.
  2. Images can be automatically watermarked, without effecting the original image – so when your images appear under Google’s image search, make sure they have a return address.

Features for managing images in Amibe:

  1. Uploading duplicate images can be prevented.
  2. Images can be replaced with new versions so you don’t have to go and relink the image in your content.

As an added bonus you can search for free images and have them directly uploaded into your Media Library for use in you website from the WordPress administrator.

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