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When making a website you are presented with a number of hosting support options. Generally speaking they can be described as:

  • Generic/shared hosting
  • Virtual Private Servers (VPS)
  • Managed Hosting
  • Software as a Service (SAAS)

The first three are all ‘self-hosted’ DIY options where the owner of the website is responsible to a lesser (Managed Hosting) or greater (VPS) degree for the technical implementation and management of the website.

With SAAS this responsibility lies with the provider.

Hosting support options

Generic/shared Hosting

This is the more traditional form of hosting where you rent space on a server and set up your own website.

Much of the responsibility is on you (or your technical support) to install, set up and maintain what is required.

Expertise required (for a WordPress website):

  • WordPress technical knowledge and experience
  • WordPress management (webmaster)
  • WordPress developer for custom theme development

Virtual Private Server (VPS)

Similar to generic/shared hosting but with more capacity to scale and handle high traffic volumes.

This comes with the added responsibility of setting up and maintaining the server.

Expertise required (for a WordPress website):

  • Server setup, security and operations
  • WordPress advanced technical knowledge and experience
  • WordPress management (webmaster)
  • WordPress developer for custom theme development

WordPress Managed Hosting

This is an advanced form of VPS specializing in WordPress websites where the hosting environment is tailored and optimized specifically for WordPress.

The hosting provider is responsible for installing, setting up and maintaining certain technical aspects of your WordPress website.

Less technical expertise is required for the initial set-up, it being also faster than both generic/shared and VPS hosting options.

Installing, setting up and maintaining additional functionality remains your responsibility and a degree of technical expertise is required (typically front- and back-end website developers) depending on the complexity of requirements.

Expertise required (for a WordPress website):

  • WordPress user knowledge and experience
  • WordPress management (webmaster)
  • WordPress developer for custom theme development

Software as a Service (SAAS)

These are managed hosting services that are highly tailored and optimized for creating websites.

The service provider supplies access to advanced features and functionality in addition to the technical hosting environment and website set-up process.

The features and functionality provided are more prescriptive than you yourself might implement in DIY (generic, managed or VPS) hosting environment, require far less technical expertise to work with and are typically what distinguishes them.

Expertise required (specific to the SAAS environment):

  • User knowledge and experience
  • Configuration knowledge and experience

Where does Amibe fit in?

Amibe is an integrated, managed hosting service. Fundamentally, what distinguishes Amibe from other SAAS providers is WordPress.

WordPress powers over 31% of the top 1 million website by traffic, over 50% of those powered by some form of CMS. [reference]

Made with WordPress, Amibe is immediately familiar to anyone who has worked in WordPress and so the learning curve is relatively easy.

Additionally, the features and functionality provided by Amibe tap into the vast resources of a very active WordPress community, and brings it together in a way that just makes sense. We refer to this as curation.

In DIY hosting environments it is up to you to research and select the plugins or develop the functionality you require. Amibe removes this burden by selecting the best available, making them available in a secure, integrated and consistent manner.

This does imply a theoretical limit to what’s possible with a SAAS solution, working only with what’s available. If you have the confidence, skill and experience of a developer and want to create exactly the functionality you require then a DIY option will be preferable.

The following conceptual diagram illustrates this:

Scope of functionality over time

The bottom line

Amibe requires less technical expertise to achieve greater value in a shorter period of time, while being secured, maintained, enhanced and optimized for high performing websites.

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