Globally Assign a Template​

  • Posted: 2020-05-19

A globally assigned template is the global default or fallback template. It is used for the layout and design of a page/post when no other template is specifically assigned.

Websites that mostly have one standard layout and design for page/posts will have this as a template assigned as the global default.

How to do it

  1. Add or edit a template to be used as the global default.
  2. Navigate to Page Settings and open the Layout section.
  3. Change the setting for Use as global default to Yes.
  4. Update to save.

Any pages/posts that do not otherwise have a template assigned will now use be displayed using this template for layout and design.


  • If another template has been assigned as the global default it will be replaced as such when this template is saved with the new setting.
  • The template must be published to be used – when an unpublished template is applied as the default no template will be used.

Usage examples:

  1. For web page layout and design: assign a page template as the global default to determine the positioning and design of header, footer and sidebar elements, and any other elements displayed on all pages by default.
  2. For content layout and design: assign a section template as the global default to determine the layout and design of page/post content within a web page.

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